16 April Somvati Amavasya: सोमवती अमावस्या: 2018

What is Somvati Amavasya?

The new moon is called Somavati Amavasya. It falls almost once or twice a year. This new moon has special significance in Hindu religion. This day is the law of fasting for married women wishing for the longevity of their husbands.

Somvati Amasaya in 2018 :
  1. 16 January
  2. 15 February
  3. 17 March
  4. 16 April
  5. 15 May
  6. 13 June
  7. 12 July
  8. 10 August
  9. 09 September
  10. 08 October
  11. 07 November and 06 December

Who should keep Somvati Amasaya?

Somvati Amasaya especially for married girl but some time unmarried girl for a boyfriend in the true relationship.in 2018 Somvati Amasaya is 12  time but 16 April is very important. this time will come after 10 years, so don’t miss this time.

 How to do this :

  • a vow of silence and take bath, if bath will in any holy river then this will more benefits.
  • if you can, keep a vow of silence all day.
  • feed curd to a cow.
  • Go to Ficus religiosa near Plant to Basil.
  • set up or Offer flowers, curd, turmeric to God.
  • Peepal tree wrapped around thread 108 rounds. during moving around the tree keep Gayatri Mantra in mind.
  • Pray with Rudrabhishek at home
  • donate food, clothes and sweet to a poor man, animal, and brahmin family.
  • Don’t forget to read and  hear Somvati Story  {important}

(these are major tips for Somwati Amasya)

Move around tree 108

Somvati Story:

Many stories related to Amavasya are prevalent, but one is a very famous story which is given here. There is a poor Brahmin family, in which there was a daughter other than husband and wife. The daughter began to grow slowly, the qualities of all the women were developing over time over time. The girl is beautiful, cultured and talented, but due to a poor, she is unable to get married. One day, there was a Hindu Monk in the house of Brahma, who was very happy with the service of the girl. Blessing the girl for a long life, the monk said that there is no marriage line in the palm of the girl. The brahmin couple asked the gentleman how to do such a thing that the girl should do such a thing that her marriage will be made in her hand. After taking some consideration for a while, the monk said with his insight that in some villages the name of gold is smoked, that a woman lives with her son and daughter-in-law, who is very good in her customs and rituals If this girl serves him and if the woman puts her vermilion in her marriage, then after this girl’s marriage, then the validity of this girl can be erased. The monk also told that this woman does not come anywhere. Upon hearing this, Brahmini asked her daughter to serve that washerwoman.

Sonawasherwoman asks her daughter-in-law to get up early, do all the work and do not even know about it. The daughter-in-law said that the mother asked me that if you wake up in the morning and do all the work, you will end. I’m late late. To keep a watch on both the mother-in-law, who is the one who goes by doing all the work of the house. After several days, washerwoman noticed that a girl’s face comes in a dark house and after all the work goes away. When he started, Sona washerwoman fell on his feet, to ask who are you, and why are you hiding in this way to serve my house? Then the girl told the saris that the sadhu said. Sona Dhobin husband was a patriot, she was fast, she got dressed. Sonawasherwoman’s husband was a little unhealthy and her daughter-in-law would have to remain at home till her return. As soon as Sona washerwoman put her demand on the demand for a Sindhu girl, her husband went to know about this. If he had found a papal tree on the way to think about it, he would have got water from the house only. On that day, Somavati Amavasa was found in the house of Brahmin. After replacing the dish with 108 pieces of brick, he took 108 pieces of papal tree and after that took water. The one who did this seemed to be shivering in her husband’s dead body.

Benefits of Somvati Amasaya:

  • Happiness and peace come in the house.
  • increase partner life and increase partner’s love for wife and other family members.

donate and peace is very important.

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