Walking Tour of Downtown Bellingham Mural Art

Today, I took a quick day trip over to Bellingham, Washington. I simply walked around the downtown area and State Street. It was a quiet Monday during Spring Break. I didn’t get much of a taste of the town’s commerce. There were fewer college students roaming around than usual. The day was windy and sleepy with several businesses shut, so I decided to take a few shots of the mural art on the sides of buildings. I noticed there are many bicycle enthusiasts and found a nice community-based bike repair shop.

Notice next to the building is a bike hanging from the tree as well. Nice 3D effect on the shirt too.

This dragon appears on the back of the community bike repair shop, the wall also read “all are welcome.”

Pretty blue dog on the wall, a blue bird, and several pigeons flying on this building or some old rusty tank thing.

Next to it I found many other types of birds and thought of that Portlandia episode: Put a Bird On It. How trendy? Was I getting a feel for Bellingham, even on this empty day? There sure are a lot of tattoo and body piercing shops there! Amazingly they are all running a business in competition to each other.

Randomly, I thought I’d get with the fashion and put a bird on me, that’s Kiwi the parrotlet.

Perhaps what is more iconic of the culture here than birds, is tulips. The town nearby has a smoke stack with red tulip painted on it and can be seen from I-5.

Last stop before leaving town, found me inspired by the wall outside of an organic foods co-op in Mount Vernon, Washington. This one called “Before I Die…” is an interactive bucket list for the town.

Before I die I want to…. save a life.

…kiss her.

… Explore the world.

… Get a Ph.D.

Discover life!

And many random other things that are either silly or cliché. Overall a sweet little day despite the slowness of this Monday. I’m sure I will return again to discover much more about the trendy college town, Bellingham at a later date.

Stay tuned as I will return to Skagit County for the Tulip Festival.

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