Best Places in Kirkland for Meditative Nature Walks

Need to get out of the house? Breathe in deeply some fresh air, meditate, or just have a walk? Explore these three easy access spots around Kirkland, Washington. Very little time commitment is required to enjoy their great natural beauty. I’ve enjoyed feeling grounded and refreshed as a frequent visitor, maybe you can also.

Juanita Beach Park, Kirkland WA

Best place to visit early in the morning for calming views of the sunrise and a short walk. Catch views of Great Blue Herons slowly waking up as they spread their wings while perched on a post and gracefully fly away. Flocks of black and white ducks can be found floating near the walking path.

Take a couple of loops around for a walking meditation, before you know it you’ve put three miles on your Fitbit tracker. It almost feels like walking on water. There are convenient railings following the path so if my dog is with me he knows not to jump into the water. It’s a regular spot for local joggers, families, and dog owners alike. Not recommended for visiting on highly windy days. It’s very enjoyable for most days, providing expansive views across Lake Washington and the free parking lot is nearby.

Log Boom Park, Kenmore WA

At first glance, it just looks like a fishing dock. I encourage you to stay a while. You may find that the energy is grounding, a perfect place to catch up with yourself. I like to bring my yoga mat and practice Sun Salutation on the dock, especially in the early mornings when it’s quiet. It’s another good place for bird watching, as well as seeing the occasional float plane take off or land next door.

Heritage Place Grotto, Saint Edward State Park – Kirkland/Kenmore WA

Nearby the parking lot, just on the other side of the lawn behind the Seminary is a sacred place.

If you have already have Discover Pass for WA state parks, then this is easy to access (or purchase a pass for the year it’s only $30). This designated alcove is always well groomed, no litter, no bikes or dogs allowed, has a fence around and the lawn is always trimmed. Stonework lay a pathway down towards the stone cave-like structure that is perfect for sitting underneath, cross your legs and meditate. In the past, the grotto was used by priests for their prayer and meditation.

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