Yes, dreams do come true. Happy New Year 2018!

It’s NYE! Reflections for Bringing Dreams to Life in 2018.

Have you been reflecting on the highs and lows of last year? What about dreaming about changes and achievements to be fulfilled in 2018? Here’s what I did, a recommended activity for the end of the year: I jotted down a list of what happened in 2017, and celebrated. Then, I spent a few weeks brainstorming and meditating on what I want for to see in my future next year. Wow, already my wishes are in full motion right alongside the bright moon and bringing in the New Year. Here’s a short recap of 2017 and an update from Chandni on what is coming next!

Recently, I wrote on Facebook about feeling pained at my new day job with the United States Postal Service. They pushed me very, very hard through the Holiday season. Sadly, this is nothing new for me. Having worked many years in the Service Industry and trying so many different things – I have never been able to find a position where I felt truly supported. Despite my great work ethic, I always feel that my nature is being suffocated. The Artist-in-me struggles and strives to be doing work that’s more meaningful, creative, and expressive. SO you ask -what am I going to do about it!? Positive thinking. Followed by art therapy in wee hours of the mornings, vitamin Nature, tons of yoga, and working towards long-term goals in Entrepreneurship.

Reading Journey Career Changer

Snapshot of 2017 – New Home and an Incredible Engagement!

This time last year, I was getting-to-know my long distance partner and his family (located in India) over video chat. My work was grueling as a CNA back then too, but I was saving for an epic trip. Last March, I flew to New Delhi and we spent a few weeks touring temples and ancient architecture sights, including one of the great wonders -the Taj Mahal! It was a blast. In Lucknow, Everyone had tears of joy/love in their eyes when Prince and I got officially engaged with the blessings from his entire family.

He and I were showered with gifts and were filled with awe. It was our little miracle to have come together, blessed with plans for a future Hindu marriage, after crossing wide geographical and cultural lines to get there. Now my heart expands each time I speak with my extensive family-in-law in Northern India over video chat. (I’m learning to speak Hindi best I can!) They offered me my name. “Chandni” meaning moonlight, because when I speak with them, my round face starts to shine (with joy), like the gentle light of the moon.

In America, my family spent much of 2017 working hard for a great lifestyle transition. We sold a house and bought a new one in a different city. We chose to move from suburban city life to become rural landowners. We took a big chance. It was a leap of faith and didn’t know if we would land safely in the new house and our new life…  somehow we made it!

Now we look out the window to expansive views of the Mount Baker foothills and the horses roaming pastures next door. We are almost done installing a yurt shelter and planning gardens for the coming Spring. Gently reminding ourselves how fortunate we are and to accept these gracious gifts from the universe, and knowing that they are the fruits of our labors, having worked so very hard to achieve this.

Lastly, a shout-out to Prince who has worked hard to support me in making this Blog and does all the work in gaining a huge following for Chandni Travel and Yoga on Facebook!!

Announcing: Chandni Travel’s Expansion

During the first week of February 2018, we will launch a retail store! It will be an Etsy shop called: Wakeful Journey. Inspired by my love for the spiritual and metaphysical, it will be a store full of handmade & unique tools for people with intentional lifestyles. Yes, I’ve been in the studio creating goods and stocking the backroom. It’s already happening and you will be surprised to find much beauty there on opening day! First few products for sale will include:

-quality incense

-handmade décor for your windows/doors and more

-sateen storage bags for gifts, tarot cards, or crystals

-smudging kits for clearing energy (in hand painted boxes)

In the future, we will also have intentional jewelry, meditation beads, magical wands, incense kits, and very special gems/crystals. Sounds amazing, right? We’re psyched! All of this is highly inspired by the nature that now surrounds me here in our new county home near Bellingham, WA.

Adventure Planning for the Great Outdoors 2018

Making art is super therapeutic for me, but going outside and breathing the crisp-clean air is absolutely essential. I’ve been watching the moon wax and wane, hiking up to the waterfall, and harvesting downed branches and incorporating them into my art. It’s mid-Winter and I am addicted to the snowy mountaintop.

I’ve been driving up Mount Baker and hanging out at the ski lodge, wishing I could do more. So, I bought some Snowshoes for trekking along the snowy trails! The snow is dry and powdery and all the mountain’s visitors are full of spirit for the love of adventure! The National Forest entrance is less than 30 minutes from my house. I’ve visited the Nooksack River at Horseshoe Bend for my first taste of the area’s beauty – I’m hooked.

A few months of snowy weekend adventures, and then into Spring and Summer with aspirations of long day hiking trips. I also have new friends at the Zen Buddhist center in Bellingham, whom I look forward to hiking with while we practice our mediation together. We do silent sitting meditation called zazen. I love this precious time of doing nothing. Wondering ‘who am I’ beyond all the busy workings of the mind/body? One New Year’s resolution is to be a regular member at the Zendo.

bridge wheel yoga pose


Last Words: What are my Long Term Aspirations in the realms of Body/Mind/Spirit.

Being a worker-bee at the Post Office will support me while I build my business and save, for my next trip to India and the wedding that will follow a while after. 2018 will also be a year of deep inner reflections and a time of healing. I’ve been working with many tools including yoga asana, zen meditation, tarot card readings, shamanic journeying, and nature walks. For 2018, I’ve committed to becoming a student of Vedic Astrology. This means I’ll spend the year doing intensive self-study with the mentorship of a great teacher and astrologer. I plan to continue on this path and begin writing more about the spiritual side of the yoga/travel here on this blog.

I am so very thrilled to see what kind of healing and MAGIC will come of all of this. After beginning my retail store, Wakeful Journey, I plan to offer divination from my shamanic journey/tarot card readings as a service to friends and eventually any clients of interest. While some may roll their eyes at the esoteric, I know plenty of believers who seek this guidance. So it will be!

tarot card reading

In the language of Tarot, 2017 was definitely energy of The Magician! The opening of the curtains into new acts, the physical manifestation of an entirely new lifestyle, a new version of me. Ta-Daaa! From here, I look forward to the magic that will happen within. The tarot cards reference numerology, as they present 2018 to hold the energy of the High Priestess card. How beautiful!

Blessings to you in bringing in the New Year. I hope you can find some time for inner reflection of where you were and where you are now going. Also, what do you have to celebrate? Prince and I would like to send a friendly reminder to all of our lovely supporters to please Drive Safely in NYE! It’s going to be a good year!

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