Vaishno Devi: The Holy trip (Travel Guide)

Sacred Pilgrimage:

The importance of sacred pilgrimage is of all religions, but it is of particular in Hindu religion. Well, there is a lot of sacred pilgrimages but few have own importance. Here I will try to explain my experience of Shri Vaishno Mata temple. This is one of the most popular holy places of Hinduism. you can guess, the importance of this holy place that 10 million Devoty visit there every year and this graph is increasing every moment but this Sacred pilgrimage is not easy for everybody. Because this is located in a very difficult place.which is naturally very beautiful as well as dangerous. Suddenly weather changing is normal there, always worried about lands slide. But the Indian government is trying to develop there.

Mother Vaishno Devi is also known as Mata Rani, Trikuta and Shera Wali, this temple is dedicated to Shakti (energy). It is said that the mother of the mountains Vaishno Devi fulfils all the wishes.  Anyone who goes with a true heart to her place fulfils all his wishes there. Such is the true place of Mother Vaishno Devi’s. the devotee reaches to her place with an excuse, when she called.

What is the recognition?

Bhawan ( main Temple)

1.According to a famous ancient belief, the mother was pleased with a devotion Shridhar of a devotee of Mata Vaishno,  and she gave the testimony of her existence to the world. Once Brahmin Shridhar kept the mother Bhandara (lunch) at his home and invited all the villagers and monks. For the first time, the villagers were not believed that the poor Sridhar is doing Bhandara. Shridhar also invited Bhairavnath with his disciples. In Bhandara, Bhairavnath said consuming meat instead of kheer-Pudhi (Indian food), then Sridhar expressed disagreement over it. Mother Vaishno Devi came to devotee’s house in form of a little girl for his respect and tried to explain to BhairoNath but he didn’t accept anything.When Bhaironath tried to catch that little girl then she ran away to the mountain Trikut. LIttle Vaishno Mata called Lord Hanuman and said to him that I will do penance for nine months in this cave so fight with Bhaironath for nine months. Hanuman had played nine months with Bhairavnath to protect Mother beyond this cave. now, which cave is known as “ArdhKuwari”(Half-queen). There is also “Paduka” of the mother’s feet near the ArdhKuwari. This is the place where the mother had seen Bhairavnath turn away from running. It is said that Lord Hanuman was with Maa Vaishno Devi only for the protection.When Hanuman was thirsty, on his request, he lifted an arrow from his bow and made a stream and also washed his hair in water. Today this holy water stream is known as ‘Banganga’, still their water is coming.All the diseases of the devotees are dispelled by drinking holy water or taking bath with it.Vaishno Maa killed Bhairavnath on mountain Trikut, and when he asked for forgiveness, he gave him a place higher than him, and mother said that the person who does not visit you then the holy trip will not be complete. Therefore, even today, devotee philosophy of Bhairavnath is felt.

2.  According to Hindu epic, mother Vaishno Devi got birth in Ratnakar Sagar’s house in the south of India. Her cosmic parents were childless for a long time. One night before the birth of a divine girl, Ratnakar took the oath that whatever the girl would like, they would never come in the way of her wish.Mother Vaishno Devi was called as Trikuta in childhood.Later, due to the birth of Lord Vishnu, she was called Vaishnavi. When Trikuta was 9 years old, she wanted permission from her father to perform penance on the banks of the sea.While searching for Sita, Lord Rama reached the sea along with his army. His vision lies in the divine girl, absorbed in deep meditation. Trikuta told Lord Rama that she accepted him as her husband. he told her that in this incarnation he only took the promise of being loyal to Sita. But God assured her that he would appear as Kalki in Kaliyuga and will marry the meanwhile, Lord Rama asked Trikuta to remain absorbed in the cave located in the Trikuta series of Manik hills situated in northern India.The mother decided to celebrate ‘Navaratri’ for the victory of Lord Rama against Ravana. Therefore, in the above context people recite the Ramayana in the nine days of Navratri.lord Rama had promised that the praise of Mother Vaishno Devi will be sung by all the world. Trikuta will be known as Vaishno Devi and will become immortal forever.

BhairoNath Temple:

Bhairo Nath

The place where Maa Vaishno Devi slaughtered Bhairavnatha The place is famous today as ‘Bhavan’ in the whole world. At this place, goddess Kali (right), goddess Saraswati (left) and goddess Lakshmi Pindi (middle) are immortalized in the cave, whose only suffering gets rid of all the sufferings of the devotees. The combined form of these three is called the form of mother Vaishno Devi. After the slaughter of Bhairavnath, the place where his head fell 3 km away from the Bhawan, today the place is known as ‘Temple of Bhaironath‘. It is said that after his execution, Bhairavnath had repented of his mistake and he asked for forgiveness from his mother. Mata Vaishno Devi, giving a boon to Bhairavnath, said that my philosophy will not be considered as perfect until a devotee will see you after me.


Always care about these:

  • However, devotees visit Vaishno Devi for year-long devotees but it is a good summer to go here.
  • In winter, the minimum temperature of the building goes down from -3 to -4 degrees Celsius and there is a danger of lands slid. To avoid travelling in this season.
  • there is two way one is long and better and another is short and hard because of stairs.
  • Do not use stairs to climb blood pressure patients.
  • If you are located at the height of the temple, you may have problems with vomiting and jagging in the climb up to which you must keep the necessary medicines with them.
  • As far as possible, take as little as possible, as long as possible, so that there is no problem in climbing.
  • The stick in walking will be very helpful for you.
  • Trekking shoes will be very comfortable for you in climbing.
  • The joy of the mother will solve all your problems, say there (JAI MATA DI)

Type of  Way:

the temple is located at very hight so this is very hard, for who is older and sick. There is basically four


facility to go there. Let’s see below.

This route is long so in-between have other facilities like as medical food courts etc


if you are healthy and young then you should walk there because it says that who go there walk they get full benefits.there is one good thing that every few kilometres you may find massage shops or people who will give you foot massage in very good cheap rate.

2. Horse

there is horse facility, you may use hours, house charges is 700 h0 hundred rupee, but sometimes they try to make fool and want more money so you should care.

3. palki

I  think this is royal way, you see on a chair and four people carry you and this feel like a royal.



if you have enough money and you cant afford waling then this is the best way to go by helicopter because this saves your time.

Landing Side

5. PIthu

I saw this there, this is interesting that if you want to go there but cant walk then, they force you from the back side and reach to the Bhawan. this is funny.

My Experience:

I was climbing mountain first time so I was excited but I had not any experienced. So I had the heavyweight in a bag which made me uncomfortable and tired but this was a great feeling, I reached the temple in five hours by walking. Which is a good time for anybody because I walked 12 miles and 1600 meter heights with 15 Kilogram weight. when I was coming back then I had too much pain in my right leg’s knee, the pain was too much.  when I was walking down then feeling like cry. I had chosen to go by walking because my wish was very impotent for me and Vaishno Mata was my last hope so I went there. when I was climbing then suddenly weather changed and started raining and falling water stone so temperature down almost 10-degree Celsius and this is cold for me. I was already sick and I had no warm clothes so I was feeling too much cold it was very hard for me. but I did not give up, didn’t stop and kept climb because of my wish is my life. In my mind was only two thing during the climb first my wish, second Jai Mata Di. My body was forcing me to stop and take rest but my wish was appreciating me for go to the top without any help. Because I believe that if I arrive there with true heart and hard work then my wish will fulfil. When I arrived there then I felt an amazing energy and forgot my everything. The weather was not good so there were only a few thousand devotees. So I saw Mata Vaishno Devi easily. Maybe I was in line only two hours. There was more difficult because can’t go temple with the shoe. so there is a locker for your bag and I took off my shoe and went to the main temple but when I took off my shoe that time I felt that I lost my feet. after saw Mata Vaishno Devi at the person, I said to her. If my wishes will fulfil then I will visit again and participate in special ARTI. And I hope that my wish will fulfil soon.


When I  backed to home then I felt the amazing result about my wishes.  Mother Vaishno Devi heard my heart sound and my wishes are starting to full fill. I know, this is the biggest wish of my life so this will take time but now stated for fill so I am great and happy and I am praying for everything good. and hope my wishes will fulfil soon.

for more information visit  Vaishno Devi official website-



night view of city Katra
night new of Bhawan from Bhairo Nath
stairs, this is short but hard
on the road, you may find shops for food
Shops for marketing
Food court menu

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